So… I know I promised my ACOTAR review like…last month…

Well… it’s not that I haven’t finished the books, it’s that… I have too many feelings to sort through surrounding the series.

ACOTAR and ACOMAF got me through a really rough time in my life and when I read them for the first time last year, I was hooked, engrossed, in love with the characters, their hardships, their world, the dynamic relationships. They helped me take a break from my real world stresses.

And I have literally spent the past year or so stuck in their world. And I have the collection of memes, theories, and fan art to  prove it. 

So now that A Court of Wings and Ruin is out, and I finished it that day. I’m stuck again. The resolution to Feyre’s story was an amazing one; Sarah left me feeling satisfied with the end of her story but… I want more. I feel lost knowing that we won’t get more from this character I so identify with… I feel like I’m losing a sister. (And lots of other siblings.)

So forgive my tardiness on my ACOTAR/ACOMAF/ACOWAR series review as I work through this book hangover x a million.

My final words are: if you haven’t read it…finish the book you’re reading and go buy ALL of them right now. You will not be disappointed.


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